Thinking about… Growing Your Company

  • Can you lead the market niche you are in?  Does the market niche need to be redefined (to make it fresher, more targeted, more relevant, more compelling, just plain different)?  What is your distinctiveness?
  • As you create competitive separation and seize market share within your niche, do you have enough general market growth to make revenue improvements sustainable?  Is the market still relevant?
  • Is your competitive thrust easy to communicate?  Can you make a strong case for how it uniquely enhances the customer’s experience?  Will the customer actually pay for your distinctiveness?
  • Have you considered how easy it may be to replicate your points of differentiation or how intense a competitive response may be to your efforts to create separation?  How will you stay ahead?
  • Do internal priorities and calls to action reflect an energized yet highly conditioned (people and process) response to the market and the competition?  Do you keep score (minutely and continuously) to make sure the right things happen?
  • Do you have the capacity (talent and money) to make it happen?

You have the answers… but who’s asking the tough questions?

You have clarity on where you are and why… but what’s next?