Thinking about… Enhancing Your Operations and Adding Shareholder Value

  • Have you strategically evaluated your customer and product mix lately? Does it include objective market intelligence?
  • Would your very best customers say that you have given them more than enough attention over the past few months?
  • Have your lead times and response times for product or service delivery decreased over the past six months?
  • Do your prices reflect all of the value that you provide?
  • What costs have risen unpredictably over the past two years?
  • What would it take to further exploit your unique market position?  Have you added new customers at a rapid pace?
  • Do you have enough “impact players”?
  • Are the concepts of innovation, speed and decisiveness part of your culture?
  • Have you thought about where your next burst of creative insight and unbounded energy may come from?

You have the answers… but who’s asking the tough questions?

You have clarity on where you are and why… but what’s next?